Threat Escalation Response Framework

Words Matter The term “Self-Defense” is used to generally describe the tools and techniques that we should use to defend ourselves against acts of aggression, whether they are verbal, physical, or life-threatening. However, word choice matters. Let me illustrate. The words “defend” and “secure” are similar, yet different.  Read these definitions and see if you […]

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Triple Down on Your Strengths

The “A” Game  I am a fan of doing what you are good at. We hear a lot of advice on working on our weaknesses, particularly as it pertains to Strength Training and Jiujitsu. I agree with those concepts too – but you need a game-plan to implement this. With JiuJitsu, you need to develop […]

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The Skill Life-Cycle

If you’re a software engineer or architect, this may vibe with you. The Skill Life Cycle can be viewed much like the life-cycle of a software product. Following elements of the traditional waterfall and the agile development approaches to software engineering, you can compartmentalize the basic framework for deploying new capabilities to your training and competitive […]

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5 Steps to Learn Any Technique

The Hamster Wheel We spend a lot of time on the mats training our technique. Most of us spend an appreciable amount of time training off the mats trying to get stronger, faster, more explosive, more flexible and more mobile. However, many of us don’t put the same energy into our out of gym endeavors […]

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JiuJitsu Journey: Julian Gabbard

Julian Gabbard is a Brown Belt under Mike Moses of Evolve Academy. (Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Helio Gracie > Rickson Gracie > Pedro Sauer > Mike Moses). He has been training for 10 years.  He actively balances work, studying for law school, being a husband, a father to four kids, training up […]

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DIY Balance Board & Muscle Roller

One of the best ways to get your “Mat Legs” is through balance drills. Your equilibrium and staying on your feet in combat sports (really, any sport), requires you to have basic faculties of maintaining balance. You’ve also undoubtedly sought the foam roller at your academy, or maybe you even spent money on the giant […]

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