Why Do You “JiuJitsu”?

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3 Ingredients to Steamroll Towards Success

You hear the stories from people all the time if you are already involved with JiuJitsu.  It’s described as “life changing” by many.


If I could boil it all down, it’s about 3 primary things for me: 1) It’s about being curious about Human Potential, 2) the discipline to chase Self-Mastery and 3) the drive to quest towards the Pursuit of Excellence.  All of which JiuJitsu can provide.

It starts with being curious enough to wonder what limits there are….if any, on human potential.  I’ve been curious for years to find the top point to my strength levels, then to my anaerobic power output, mental endurance, capacity to learn, grip strength, eventually turning to other human qualities like empathy, happiness etc. You have to have an itch or desire to be curious enough to want to test these things.

After you start your journey, if you’ve gone “all in”, you have no choice but to develop the traits of success. If you adopt the time-tested process of setting and achieving goals, you’re well on your way. Executing the rigor of discipline and consistency to accomplish your goals is “the grind”. Doing things when you don’t want to, getting in that extra time on the mat or in the gym, often, fighting with yourself; this is the quest of Self-Mastery.

If you’ve noticed the days turning to months and eventually to years, you’ve been gaining momentum and you keep on going. You’ve made a commitment at this point, to make this your life or lifestyle, to never give up.  you’ve successfully developed the habits to strive towards excellence in your art, your “discipline”.  For most of us, it’s JiuJitsu.

JiuJitsu is the Anchor by which all of my life activities are hitched.  From my workouts, to what I eat, to the amount I sleep, to how I treat others, to how I deal with stress, etc.; they are all driven by the influence JiuJitsu has had on my life.

Striving each and every day to pursue being better takes discipline, and that discipline is something reinforced daily through JiuJitsu.

The simple technique of setting goals, monitoring them, adjusting your course of action, and setting new goals has become intrinsic to my life.

Therefore, the Pursuit of Excellence, the discipline to strive to be the absolute best version of what I can be every day, is what JiuJitsu has given me.

The Art of JiuJitsu

The video below by Stuart Cooper contains quotables from many noteworthy ambassadors of JiuJitsu.  It is worth the watch and read (quotes below).  It is not coincidental that all of these practitioners love JiuJitsu; it’s inevitable once you let the training and life lessons begin to absorb.

Jiu Jitsu changes lives. Jiu Jitsu isn’t just a sport. JiuJitsu is for anybody. No matter who you are, no matter how old you are…You make friends all over the world…Money isn’t everything.

Stuart Cooper


[JiuJitsu provides you with the ability to]…be happy, honest, be able to put your head on the pillow and close your eyes and know that you are truthful with people, you have good friends around you, and you are good with your family…

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreau


Martial arts can really bring everyone together, especially JiuJitsu. You see it all across the world.

Rafael Lovato Jr


JiuJItsu is for everybody.  It doesn’t matter how strong, how big you are, it’s for everybody.

– Robson Moura

World BJJ Expo 2014 | www.mikecalimbas.com/BJJ/WORLDJJEXPO2014

If somebody offered me a billion dollars to take away the JiuJitsu I know, I would turn it down without even thinking twice.  So, it didn’t change my life, it made my life. I don’t know what its like to not have JiuJitsu. It made me who I am. All my friends, the way I act, my confidence, on and off the mats.  Everything that I have is because of JiuJitsu. It puts me in touch with myself and gives me a real sense of what life is about.

Kron Gracie


As soon as they start to understand Brazilian JiuJitsu, the lifestyle, they change completely. When they step on the mat for the first time, thats when they completely change.

Romulo Barral


“It takes away the ego. The first time you experience JiuJitsu, you have people smaller and weaker dominating you. You have to let all that go when you first start doing JiuJitsu. You can’t be angry and upset. People with big egos don’t last in JiuJitsu. It will get beat up alot until you can develop it [in a healthy way].”

Henry Akins


“In terms of JiuJitsu, you learn how to potentialize yourself. Sometimes you have no endurance and you’re still able to fight JiuJitsu by defending yourself and surviving. Sometimes survival is the great victory you could expect if you’re dealing with a 250lb guy whose crazy to kill you and you survive for an hour before the police come; that’s great. So, victory is not the purpose of JiuJitsu. Undefeated, be invinceable is what JiuJitsu provides.”

Rickson Gracie


“The dream is possible.  Nothing in life comes easy. It didn’t come easy to me.  I was always challenged by people telling me I couldn’t do things. JiuJitsu showed me that it is all possible.”

Braulio Estima


It changes your life. They are kind of fat, lazy, and lame. They get in shape, they start to feel good, they look better, more confidence.

Kurt Osiander


JiuJitsu, at the end of the day is the art of expressing yourself honestly. Everytime you put on a Gi, you can’t lie.”

Saulo Ribeiro


“I wasn’t a good student, and even now I never say that I am better than anybody. But I know that I love JiuJitsu more than anybody. I love the energy and that it gets deeper the more you study.”

Marcelo Garcia


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