5 “Simple” Steps towards Success

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Keep It Simple

I am a simple man.

I love my family and my friends. I love my JiuJitsu. I love Strength Training. I love Protein & I love Coffee.

I could survive on these things alone. It’s all I need.

Let me break it down to my reality.

In “Why Do You JiuJitsu?” I talked about the 3 “ingredients” needed to steamroll towards success: 1) Being curious about Human Potential, 2) Developing the discipline to chase Self-Mastery and 3) Relentless drive towards the Pursuit of Excellence.

JiuJitsu and Strength Training provide me with these avenues to explore the Human potential.  I will never out-lift the weights, and there will always be someone or some techniques that provide me with a “one-of-a-kind” challenge that makes me scratch my head in wonderment.

(BTW, Protein and Coffee fuel these efforts…….undoubtedly).

These two paths provide me with all I need to chase the quest to be my best: Self-Mastery.  They are “anchors“.

An anchor, by definition, means to secure firmly in position, or to provide a firm basis or foundation.

It is fun to learn new techniques, systems, movements, exercises, etc.  But that is secondary to obtaining the real, life-hardening lessons that you can learn by using these avenues as Anchors.

Using an anchor to achieve success is something I encourage everyone to pursue.  For some people, it may not be JiuJitsu. It could be another sport, or art such as dancing. It doesn’t really matter. Most people who begin quests to achieve better health, often start out super-motivated, only to fall short after their initial blast of motivation runs out.

However, I’ve seen it again and again. Once these folks anchor their training to something meaningful, the “magic” happens.  The training moves past the limited resources of motivation and into a full-on discipline.  Those days that you don’t want to train, or get off the couch, or get out of bed become much easier when you think of the gains you are leaving on the table by not training to pursue your passion.

By repeatedly performing in a disciplines manner, you are now developing the habits you need become successful in your training and in life.

Success is Planned

Follow these 5 proven steps to get the most out of everything you do.

1. Set goals  – What do you want to achieve? Set short-term and long-term goals.
2. Make a roadmap – How will you achieve your goals? Take actionable steps with milestones to measure successful achievements.
3. Work Hard – The resource under your complete control which controls all of this.
4. Dig Deep – Those times you question your path, desire, motivation. Not giving up, not quitting is a mark of a true warrior. You CAN develop this skill.
5. Smash & hash – Smash your goals, review what worked, what did not work, and make adjustments.

This is as close to a magic formula as you’ll get.  Don’t look for shortcuts. Prepare for the long haul and make that your new normal; the new you.

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