Hard Work Profile: Tom Brady

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Love him or hate him you can not deny him. He is arguably the greatest Quarterback of all time in the National Football League (NFL)

After having faced a 4-game suspension for “deflate gate” the prior year, Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to a Super Bowl LI comeback, which is one of the most impressive and historic comebacks EVER.

He is one of only two players, and the only quarterback to ever win 5 Super Bowls (for the record, the GMEN have beaten them TWICE in the Super Bowl).

He owns 11 Super Bowl records.

His success can not be denied.

What Beats Talent?

But he did not have the easy road.  He was not the most athletic, talented, or sought after recruit for college or the pros. In fact he was drafted in position 199 by the New England Patriots in the 2000 draft, now considered perhaps the biggest steal in NFL draft history.

What he DID have, was the desire to outwork everybody, the desire to learn, and to constantly evaluate his ability to get better with the tools he had.

Adding the desire to be his best, with his motivation to work hard, created the disciplined person you see today.

His success is no accident.

This short video below explains the hunger and the mindset he keeps. Always open to learning, always eager to prove himself, he shows up and he is willing to work harder than anyone.


What can we learn from this?

Here are five things I’ve gathered from this brief video:

  1. No athletic ability will make up for a poor work ethic.
  2. The work ethic needed to triumph over your limitations is the journey to self-improvement. Don’t ignore it…..seek and savor it and make it happen.
  3. Limitations can be a blessing….if you allow yourself to recognize them. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Look in the mirror and take control. Work harder to improve incrementally every day.
  4. Showing up every day, early, and staying late is a trademark of hard-working people. Remind yourself of this next time you feel like sitting on the couch or sleeping in and missing practice.
  5. Practice makes habits. Don’t half-ass it. Practice with purpose. The reality for your potential is on the line.


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