Blue Collar Grips

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Do you want to have the strongest grip in your academy?Use the tools of the trade of the blue collar worker.handshand-photography-mechanic-photography
The strongest grips I deal with are skilled laborers that work with their hands – plumbers, mechanics, electricians, construction workers, etc.These folks expend an exceptional amount of effort using their hands, wrists, forearms, arm muscles, shoulders and back muscles. This gives them an incredibly frustrating grip to deal with and a major advantage when trying to gain control of their opponent.It doesn’t matter if they train in the GI or NOGI; they have a tool in their toolkit that most don’t possess.Imagine this: When you establish grips, you gain a significant control advantage over your opponent. You’re now in possession of their ability to move out of your grasp.
What you do next is entirely up to you.This goes for guard passing, initiating and controlling the clinch, and executing takedowns, sweeps and submission holds.What can we learn? Add the tools of manual labor-based tools and workouts to your program.Do them consistently year round. The benefits accumulate over time.img_9479Here is a sample grip-focused workout to give you an idea of what to perform. Add this to the end of a Strength Training or grappling session to exhaust your grips.

1. 1 minute Sledgehammer Swings into Tire (16# sledge). Alternate every 10 swings.

2. 1 minute Fingertip Farmer’s Carry (45# plates)

3. Rest 30-60 seconds. Repeat for 5 Rounds

More to come on GRIP training!

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