Are You Happy?

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Mark Rippetoe has famously said, “Many of us believe that a grown man weighs 200 pounds. He just does. Bigger and stronger is better than being underweight – for your health, your athletic performance in the vast majority of sports, and your longevity, as well as your appearance. I know that many of you will regard this perception as petty and superficial. You will say that intellectual pursuits are the true crowning glory of humanity, and that brutish size and strength belongs in the past, with animal skins, stone tools, and sloping foreheads.”

I’ve been 200lbs since 7th grade. None of it was muscle. But I found my way when the iron bug bit me at 13.

My life is pretty simple ans straightforward. I like to do the things that make me happy. That’s why I adhere to do things that align to the 3 M’s.



Meat! Mats! and Muscles!

Yes. Yes, and…………….HELL YES!

Keeping It Simple

I live my life with one overarching rule.

Find your favorites.

What do I mean? It’s pretty easy. I strive to find my favorite… name it.

Coffee? RiseUp.

ProteinBar? Met-RX

Lifting music? Heavy Metal

Jiujitsu Gi? Krugan (Old School)

Cut of steak? NY Strip.

Resistance Bands? Iron Woody Fitness.

Peanut Butter? Crazy Richards

Sitcom? Three’s Company.

Cartoon? Looney Tunes.

Cheat Meal? Lasagna.

Bodybuilder? Dorian Yates.

Powerlifter? Eddy Coan.

Jiujitsu Player? Roger Gracie.

I hope you get the idea.

Striving to look for your favorites is a quest for happiness. As simple as that sounds, it keeps me focused on pursuing things that make me happy.

Why would you settle for less?

Settling for less is a habit you can develop. To be “OK” with things is also being complcent.

I’ve been complacent in my life, especially in High School.

I had no drive, ambition, interests or motivation. A chubby, non-athletic kid.

Then I discovered the weights.

It changed my body, my mind, and my whole life’s direction.

I spent countless hours lifting and learning.

A favorite was discovered. MUSCLES.

What builds muscles? Protein.

What’s my favorite protein? It used to be turkey breast, tuna fish, and eggs. Then Met-RX powder and chicken breast.

Now it is Steak.

Another favorite was discovered. MEAT.

I guess you know by know Jiujitsu is a favorite.


It’s the most effective martial art for one-on-one confrontations. Along with boxing, it is part of my identity and has been for over half of my life.

It’s a favorite. the MATS are part of me.


There are a few of my favorite things.

Follow the way of the wise man that seeks to be happy. More muscles and mat time require more meat. It’s a great life.

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