Do You Need Big Biceps for Jiujitsu?

Is this a stupid question or not? Do you need big biceps for jiujitsu? Let’s explore. When faced with thinking about making a decision, one of the oldest tricks in the book to help is to make a pros and cons list. PROS Big biceps look cool. 24 inch pythons brother! T-shirts look better onContinue reading “Do You Need Big Biceps for Jiujitsu?”

Time to Get Strong

Schools around the country are cancelling sports seasons all together due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While this sucks, this is an opportunity to get strong. There will be future sports seasons. But even more importantly, you can build strength that will last you your entire life. The skills that accompany strength training are undeniable. SeeContinue reading “Time to Get Strong”

Are You Happy?

Mark Rippetoe has famously said, “Many of us believe that a grown man weighs 200 pounds. He just does. Bigger and stronger is better than being underweight – for your health, your athletic performance in the vast majority of sports, and your longevity, as well as your appearance. I know that many of you will regard thisContinue reading “Are You Happy?”

I’m done rolling with big guys

I’m done rolling with big guys This was the post of someone that was tired of training and getting injured. I came across this frustrated “rant” on reddit (r/bjj). The post was titled “I’m done rolling with bug guys”. Here is an excerpt of the post below: “I can’t catch a break. If I haveContinue reading “I’m done rolling with big guys”

Strength Training for Beginners: 5/3/1

Analysis paralysis is very real. All you have to do is go through your Facebook, Reddit, Instagram or Twitter and every single day you are bombarded with all kinds of videos of people doing crazy workout shit. You can get caught in the DO LOOP very easily of frustrated starts/restarts. I’ve trained with weights forContinue reading “Strength Training for Beginners: 5/3/1”

Starting a Jiujitsu Business & Website

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. HEAVYWEIGHTBJJ.COM started in 2015. I spent countless hours in the early morning and late at night thinking through my life-long lessons in strength training and Jiujitsu training to build out content for the website and develop my first training program, the DRILLSKILL Jiujitsu Player workout manual. Also, Poolesville SelfContinue reading “Starting a Jiujitsu Business & Website”

3 Tools to Improve Your Training Program

Are You Puzzled? How do you intend to reach your BJJ and fitness goals? Train? Think about training? Then Train more?  Good start.  But what are you going to train? When? Why? How much? With what frequency and intensity? How do you track your progress? Many people get stuck developing their personal program.  I’ve writtenContinue reading “3 Tools to Improve Your Training Program”

Blue Collar Grips

Do you want to have the strongest grip in your academy?Use the tools of the trade of the blue collar worker. The strongest grips I deal with are skilled laborers that work with their hands – plumbers, mechanics, electricians, construction workers, etc.These folks expend an exceptional amount of effort using their hands, wrists, forearms, armContinue reading “Blue Collar Grips”