3 Tools to Improve Your Training Program

Are You Puzzled? How do you intend to reach your BJJ and fitness goals? Train? Think about training? Then Train more?  Good start.  But what are you going to train? When? Why? How much? With what frequency and intensity? How do you track your progress? Many people get stuck developing their personal program.  I’ve writtenContinue reading “3 Tools to Improve Your Training Program”

Hard Work Profile: James C. Hawkins

“Everything they said I couldn’t do, it became my goal to do.” “It takes more skill to NOT hit somebody.” “What people fear is the unknown and what they don’t know or don’t understand”. These are words to live by. As my coffee was brewing, I sat on the couch for a few minutes andContinue reading “Hard Work Profile: James C. Hawkins”

5 Ways to Overcome Training Obstacles

What’s Inside? Human potential.  We’re all born with it. Untapped. What are our limits? What is the extent of our capabilities? Where are the boundaries? Do we really know? Do they exist or are the artificial?  We’ve been testing it since the beginning of time.  To some, we are only scratching the surface. If you listenContinue reading “5 Ways to Overcome Training Obstacles”

Multi-Purpose Training

In 3 Tools to Improve Your Training Program, I covered the concept of “anchoring” your training to your primary focus area (i.e., BJJ) and making your program puzzle pieces fit together to help you achieve your most important goals.  One concept I didn’t discuss was the actual exercise selection for your workouts. One thing I makeContinue reading “Multi-Purpose Training”

Set Your Goals

Goal Setting It’s time to recommit to your plan to dominate.  We all start out strong each year with motivation to do better than we had in the past year.  But how many of you are putting thought to what you want to accomplish, and exactly how you plan to accomplish your goals?  If youContinue reading “Set Your Goals”

About Mark

Top of the Heap: The Heavyweight is KING! When I was a kid (’70’s – 80’s), being a “Heavyweight” (HW) has always been linked with being the best, biggest, or baddest person on the planet (or kid in school, in town, on the sports team….you get it).  There has always been a fascination with bigContinue reading “About Mark”