DRILLSKILL Workout Manual: Billy Carroll

“A valuable resource to the active combat athlete or weekend warrior” The DRILLSKILL Workout Manual and program provides a valuable resource to the active combat athlete or weekend warrior simply looking to improve their performance and create an out of the box workout experience.  His system approaches sport performance improvement by breaking it down into several specific areas: Basic functional movements, strength […]

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DRILLSKILL Workout Manual: Carl Lemon

Via email: “Duuuuuuuuuuuude! This is Awesome! “The pictures were easy to follow. I love the animal movements. I’ve rarely (if ever) come across any movement named for an animal that wasn’t a killer exercise. These were no different. I’ve seen enough to know immediately that this is the beginning of a love/hate relationship. This is LEGIT functional training. You’re not […]

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