DRILLSKILL Workout Manual: Billy Carroll

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A valuable resource to the active combat athlete or weekend warrior”

The DRILLSKILL Workout Manual and program provides a valuable resource to the active combat athlete or weekend warrior simply looking to improve their performance and create an out of the box workout experience.  His system approaches sport performance improvement by breaking it down into several specific areas: Basic functional movements, strength and power development, and mixed martial arts sport specific movements.  

Following an introduction to the system and exercise physiology principles is a comprehensive manual of exercises including photographs with step by step instructions and tips.  One is almost tempted to put the manual down and begin jumping around at this point but hold your horses

The real win comes in the “Blocks” of exercises that follow in which Mark has thoughtfully laid out a vast number of progressions that range in aim from general fitness, strength and athletic improvement, to combat skills which all build upon each other and take the thought out of planning your workouts.  You could literally pick a block per day and not have gone through them all for months but this is also taken into account with scheduling assistance from the level of the weekend warrior to the competitive athlete. 

  A beautiful aside for this system is that it could actually be applied to improve     performance in ANY sport by simply switching out the MMA sport specific movements of one’s particular sport. You play basketball while your daughter plays soccer and your wife enjoys kickboxing?  All of you could   benefit from working through the warm-up, strength and athleticism training, and adding your own sport specific drills as a finisher – except the kickboxer wife as Mark already has all the legwork done for her drills.

 In summary this manual provides a thought process, comprehensive exercise manual and programming that has a lot of years of study and training to back it up and it can certainly help any combat athlete focus their off the mat time to improve performance. 

As a trainer, coach, and professional Emergency Medical Technician I can also confidently say that with careful selection of exercises and blocks this program can be an effective toolset for any athlete with any given sport of choice.  

Whether you are a combat athlete or general fitness enthusiast in need of some out of the box programming this manual is well worth the small investment.  

~ Billy Carroll BJJ Purple Belt, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Personal Trainer and Coach