DRILLSKILL Workout Manual: Carl Lemon

Via email: “Duuuuuuuuuuuude! This is Awesome!

“The pictures were easy to follow. I love the animal movements. I’ve rarely (if ever) come across any movement named for an animal that wasn’t a killer exercise. These were no different. I’ve seen enough to know immediately that this is the beginning of a love/hate relationship.

This is LEGIT functional training. You’re not just having people do trendy new exercises or ones solely to look better on the beach with this workout; you’re building stronger humans. 

  I’m loving the multi-pronged approach. This is a blend of   every badass workout I’ve ever done. There are jumps, throws, and   Olympic lifts along with Powerlifting moves…..on this program I think I’ll even do BJJ drills more often.

I’m excited about this as a grappler, but I think the appeal is great for  anyone who is looking to take their performance to the next level.  I’ll be   using this to supplement training for an obstacle race.  I think you’ve really got something spectacular here.” 

~ Carl Lemon BJJ Blue Belt, PDS Red-1, Weightlifting and Spartan Race Participant

Published by Mark Munster

A Brown Belt in BJJ and Strength Training coach, I've been training 20+ years to test my human potential. Co-owner, Poolesville Self Defense Promoting HW3 Core Values: HARD WORK: leave nothing to chance. Work hard every minute, every day. HEROIC WILL: Dig deep. Don't quit. Ever. HEAVY WEIGHT LIVING: Strive to improve your life and others lives. Lead a life worth living and a legacy worth following.