Are You Happy?

Mark Rippetoe has famously said, “Many of us believe that a grown man weighs 200 pounds. He just does. Bigger and stronger is better than being underweight – for your health, your athletic performance in the vast majority of sports, and your longevity, as well as your appearance. I know that many of you will regard thisContinue reading “Are You Happy?”

Strength Training for Beginners: 5/3/1

Analysis paralysis is very real. All you have to do is go through your Facebook, Reddit, Instagram or Twitter and every single day you are bombarded with all kinds of videos of people doing crazy workout shit. You can get caught in the DO LOOP very easily of frustrated starts/restarts. I’ve trained with weights forContinue reading “Strength Training for Beginners: 5/3/1”

Blue Collar Grips

Do you want to have the strongest grip in your academy?Use the tools of the trade of the blue collar worker. The strongest grips I deal with are skilled laborers that work with their hands – plumbers, mechanics, electricians, construction workers, etc.These folks expend an exceptional amount of effort using their hands, wrists, forearms, armContinue reading “Blue Collar Grips”

Triple Down on Your Strengths

The “A” Game I am a fan of doing what you are good at. We hear a lot of advice on working on our weaknesses, particularly as it pertains to Strength Training and Jiujitsu. I agree with those concepts too – but you need a game-plan to implement this.With JiuJitsu, you need to develop your “A-Game”Continue reading “Triple Down on Your Strengths”

3 Resistance Band Drills For Grappling

I’ve used resistance bands for training for over a dozen years. The right bands can add a lot of value to your training program. They are a very affordable alternative when compared to a complete weight set, durable, portable, and versatile. You can perform nearly every exercise with bands that you can perform in the gym,Continue reading “3 Resistance Band Drills For Grappling”

Strength Training 201: 3 Tools to SMASH Through Strength Barriers

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) With progressive overload, plateauing is inevitable. You can not continue to add weight to a bar, forever, to infinity. Strength is a skill.  Your body can adapt and become more technically efficient at lifting and handling weights using proper mechanics. Coaxing additional strength gains doesn’t happen as a result ofContinue reading “Strength Training 201: 3 Tools to SMASH Through Strength Barriers”

Strength Training 101: Only The Strong Survive

If you are a competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) athlete or practitioner, you’ve probably realized that, technique being equal, the difference between winning and losing, or surviving, can often come down to who is the STRONGER athlete. Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) Lift progressively heavier weights or achieve more reps with your best weight to getContinue reading “Strength Training 101: Only The Strong Survive”